Shuttle From Whangarei To Auckland Airport

Call Judy at 027-246-0201 & Ann at 021-543-200 for pricing. They operate Whangarei passenger services to and from Whangarei directly to Auckland Airport. The journey usually takes around 2 1/2 hours from Whangarei to Auckland Airport. They use the Northern Express Bus, allowing us to zip past everybody on the Northern Busway.

Whangarei Shuttle Services

Whangarei Shuttle Services, operated by Judy at 027-246-0201 and Ann at 021-543-200 from Silver Service Transport, offers reliable and professional local taxi services in Whangarei. With an approved ACC status, they ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience for their passengers. Their competitive pricing includes a kilometre rate of $3.60. Contact Judy and Ann for more information and pricing details.

Silver Service Shuttle services are transportation services that operate along specific routes, typically providing transportation between predetermined locations at scheduled times. These services are commonly used in various contexts, such as airports, hotels, campuses, and tourist attractions. Here are some key points about shuttle services:

  1. Airport Shuttles: Many airports offer shuttle services to transport passengers between the airport terminals and nearby hotels, car rental facilities, parking lots, and other transportation hubs. These shuttles can be particularly convenient for travelers who don’t want to rent a car or rely on public transportation.

  2. Hotel Shuttles: Many hotels provide complimentary shuttle services for their guests, transporting them to and from the airport or other local attractions. This can be a convenient amenity for travelers looking for easy transportation options during their stay.

  3. Campus Shuttles: Universities and large campuses often operate shuttle services to help students and staff move around the campus more efficiently. These shuttles can connect different parts of the campus, making it easier for people to attend classes and events.

  4. Tourist Shuttles: In tourist-heavy areas, shuttle services might be offered to transport visitors between popular attractions, landmarks, and points of interest. This can provide tourists with a hassle-free way to explore the area.

  5. Corporate Shuttles: Some companies provide shuttle services for their employees, especially in cases where the office location is not easily accessible by public transportation. This can be a perk for employees and help alleviate commuting challenges.

  6. Shared-Ride Shuttles: These shuttles operate on a shared-ride model, picking up multiple passengers who are heading in the same general direction. This can be a cost-effective option for travelers who don’t mind sharing the ride with others.

  7. Private Shuttles: Private shuttle services can be hired for exclusive use, catering to specific groups, events, or occasions. These shuttles offer more customization and privacy compared to shared options.

  8. Accessibility: Many shuttle services strive to be accessible to individuals with disabilities, providing features like wheelchair ramps and other accommodations.

  9. Scheduling: Shuttle services typically follow a fixed schedule, with set departure and arrival times. It’s important for passengers to be aware of the schedule to ensure they don’t miss their shuttle.

  10. Reservations: Depending on the service, passengers might need to make reservations in advance, especially during peak travel times.

When using shuttle services, it’s a good idea to confirm the schedule, route, and any associated costs in advance. Keep in mind that my information is based on knowledge available up until September 2021, so there may have been developments or changes in the shuttle service industry since then.


Whangarei Airport Shuttle

Trustworthy Whangarei airport shuttle service – Hassle-free transport for your travel needs. Book now!

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Cruise ship transfer auckland book a ride

Cruise Ship Transfer Whangarei

Book A Ride Cruise Ship Transfers are available for all Auckland cruise terminals and airport arrivals and departures from whangarei 

Student Shuttle Service

Simplify your student life with our top-notch shuttle service designed exclusively for students. Enjoy a comfortable and reliable ride to campus and beyond.

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