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Book a Ride Services All Auckland Cruise Transfers For Local And International Cruise Bookings With Free meet and greet on your return. Our Cruise Transfers operate 24/7 All Year Round.

Our Cruise Transfers Operate Between Auckland Airport, Auckland Central & North Of Our Auckland Cruise Terminals. Locations Listed Below. 

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Auckland Cruise Terminal Princess Wharf

Cruise Transfer To Princess Wharf Terminal

Princess Wharf is one of two piers where the cruise ships come in for docking. Sometimes, people who are coming directly from Auckland International airport, that’s why it is essential to book your cruise ship transfer directly with Book a Ride Ltd.

We are a local business where you will pay local rates and have local knowledge of the city. The first pier is Princess Wharf. The cruise ship will be docked beside the Hilton Hotel in Auckland for departure and arrivals. Sometimes we do have more than one cruise ship docking so talk with your driver as on your boarding pass or ticket it should say Princess Wharf Auckland Cruise Terminal. If not it is Queens Wharf Cruise Terminal. 

Auckland cruise terminal Queens Wharf

Cruise Transfer To Queens Wharf Terminal

The second pier is Queens Wharf and on your cruise ship boarding pass or booking information it should say Queen’s Wharf Auckland Cruise Terminal but once again just inform your driver. The Queen’s wharf is commonly known for the Shed 10 or The Cloud Queens Wharf but also another place to dock the cruise ships. Whichever pier you are anchoring into just remember the restaurants and cafes are simply amazing and an excellent place to have a bite before moving onto the next part of your journey or travelling home for locals.

Auckland International Airport To Cruise Terminal

Cruise Transfer from Auckland Airport to Auckland cruise terminals

Airport To Cruise Terminal – Auckland Airport is one of two airports we service. Auckland Airport (AKL) and Auckland Domestic Terminal. Sometimes it can be a hectic place, so let us talk quickly about what the picking up procedure is. For your pickup, we will be waiting at the arrivals pre chartered area which is located to your left as you enter the airport from The Processing Department. Also, we will be holding our company sign which blue and white stripes with Book A Ride on it. If you are travelling as a group organised by your cruise booking agent or travel agent, we might have a waiting period while everybody is processed. 

Auckland cruise terminal to Auckland airport

Cruise Transfer To Auckland Airport

Cruise Terminal To Airport – Our picking up procedure for Auckland cruise ship terminal Queens Wharf is a relatively straightforward process. We are provided with parking by shed ten, and if we are aloud, we will come inside with our sign for cruise meet and greet, Queen’s wharf Is well organised. The procedure for Auckland Cruise Ship Terminal Princess Wharf is slightly more complicated.

Sometimes disembarkment can be very hectic with no parking provided And we are left circling the pier until we spot you on our return trip driving round and round. Depending on how busy it is, it can take us 15-30 minutes to drive the loop to get back to the pick-up area. But eventually, we connect and then we are on our way.

Auckland cruise ship schedule 2021

Cruise Transfers 24/7 All Year Round

If you’re browsing for a cruise ship schedule, we find the Ports of Auckland is a great place to start. Information provided by the ports of Auckland is Wharf docking Queen’s wharf or Princess Wharf, arrival and departure times and dates and the name of the cruise ship. This information gives you a good indication if you are checking up on your current cruise schedule or you might be planning one. 

Cruise Deals From Auckland 2021

Secure your ride after booking your cruise

Planning a cruise? We thought it might be helpful to provide some useful tips or information with links to help you decide. Cruise holiday and cruise deals are becoming very popular as a pose to say five-ten years ago. The routine holiday has always been about booking flights and visiting other countries. 

Now our cruise deals have become so competitive when you make a price comparison vs the expense of going on a cruise and the expenses of flying to another country in some cases is quite a difference. The top three companies we thought might help. 

Flight Centre Cruises, House Of Travel Cruises, and Cruise Sale Finder these companies are in no particular order. Once you have booked your cruise, don’t forget to Book A Ride as Booking is essential.