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Supports local businesses.

Northern Busway and Bus Lanes Approved.

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Book a ride now for your christmas holiday. Get one item ticked from your holiday travel checklist – organise your shuttle to and from the airport for a hassle-free travel.

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  • Travel Tours: Hobbiton & Waitomo Day Tours
  • Airport Shuttle Service
  • Holiday Travel
  • International Students
  • Student Travel
  • Conference Travel
  • Corporate Travel
  • Cruise Transportation
  • City Functions
  • Wedding Guest Transportation¬†
  • Door To Door Service
  • Bus Lane Approved (Safer Travel)
  • Book NZ Tours

Exclusive Transportation

Business Or Personal Time Is Precious! 
  • Corporate Accounts
  • Conference Venues
  • Private Travel
  • Gulf Tours
  • No Wait Times
  • Door To Door Service
  • Personal Meet & Greet At The¬†Airport

Wedding Transportation

Creating Fun And Happy Memories 
  • Organized Airport Group Transfers
  • Wedding Venue Bulk Transfers
  • Door To Door Service
  • Private Travel¬†
  • No Wait Times
  • Personal Meet & Greet At The¬†Airport
  • Bus Lane Approved

Cruise Transportation

Cruising Time For Fun In The Sun 
  • Family Or Group Transfers
  • Personal Meet & Greet At The Wharf
  • Door To Door Service
  • Private Travel (No Wait Times)
  • Shared Travel (May have wait times)
  • Bus Lane Approved

Concert Transportation

 Time To Get Your Groove On!
  • All Auckland Concert Locations
  • Group Bookings
  • Safer Ride¬†
  • Private Travel Or¬†Shared Travel¬†
  • Organised Concert Drop Off & Pickup Locations.¬†
  • We Take The Stress Out Of Travel

Bookings & Pickup Info:

Stanmore Bay Bookings

Book A Ride From Stanmore Bay To Auckland Airport
  • Simply Booking System¬†for bookings or quotes.
  • Discount Travel: When Booking your return online at the same time.¬†
  • Payments: Can be made on our booking system or by bank transfer. EFTPOS is available on request.¬†
  • Book A Ride from home or be picked up from one of our airports.
  • Meet and Greet at the airport (Optional)
  • Once booked. We will both¬†receive emails of your information submitted.¬†
  • Book A Ride will send you a booking confirmation to confirm your booking within 24 hrs¬†unless (urgent).


Meet and greet at the airport

Welcome to auckland, new zealand.
  • This is a fantastic service of ours for first time customers and sometimes regulars of Book A Ride.
  • Corporate¬†Travel¬†
  • Student Travel
  • International Travellers¬†
  • Local Travellers
  • Your meet and greet driver will be waiting for you on your left hand side once you enter the airport.
  • Please remember¬†to turn your phone on after landing just in case your driver is trying to make contact.¬†

Book A Ride Airport Signage

  • On your left is¬†our airport signage which we will be holding on your arrival.
  • We usually have these details on our ipad but we sometimes use our standard signs with just our name and logo on it which is about A3 in size.¬†
  • If, for some reason processing is really busy and you expect long delays it would be really appreciated if you could send a message.
  • This is especially important if your on a shared ride.¬†
  • Driver:¬†+6421743321¬†or 021 RIDE 21
  • Its super easy, Connect to the airport wifi or your mobile carrier then you can use one of the options below.¬†


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  • Travel Tours: Hobbiton & Waitomo Day Tours
  • Airport Shuttle Service
  • Holiday Travel
  • International Students
  • Student Travel
  • Conference Travel
  • Corporate Travel
  • City functions
  • Gulf Tours
  • Book A Ride Destinations: Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton/Waikato & Rotorua