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Book A Ride Campbells Bay

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  • Student Travel
  • Sporting Events
  • City Functions
  • Wedding Guest Transportation 
  • Door To Door Service
  • Cruise Transportation
  • Bus Lane Approved (Safer Travel)
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Exclusive Transportation

Business Or Personal Time Is Precious! 
  • Corporate Accounts
  • Conference Venues
  • Private Travel
  • Gulf Tours
  • No Wait Times
  • Door To Door Service
  • Personal Meet & Greet At The Airport

Wedding Transportation

Creating Fun And Happy Memories 
  • Organized Airport Group Transfers
  • Wedding Venue Bulk Transfers
  • Door To Door Service
  • Private Travel 
  • No Wait Times
  • Personal Meet & Greet At The Airport
  • Bus Lane Approved

Cruise Transportation

Cruising Time For Fun In The Sun 
  • Family Or Group Transfers
  • Personal Meet & Greet At The Wharf
  • Door To Door Service
  • Private Travel (No Wait Times)
  • Shared Travel (May have wait times)
  • Bus Lane Approved

Concert Transportation

  • Time To Get Your Groove On! 
  • All Auckland Concert Locations
  • Group Bookings
  • Safer Ride 
  • Private Travel Or Shared Travel 
  • Organised Concert Drop Off & Pickup Locations. 
  • We Take The Stress Out Of Travel

Bookings & Pickup Info:

Campbells Bay Bookings

Book A Ride Campbells Bay To Airport

We have got one of the easiest booking systems now so give it a go for your booking reservations from your home address or pickup from one of our airports.

It’s super easy and convenient allowing you to make payment and secure your holiday transport package in one go or simply just need a price/quote without having to send an email or pick up the phone just press on the Book Now button to find your price.  Either way, we are always here to help. 

Once booked you will be sent a booking confirmation of your information submitted.

We both get copies of making sure all details are correct to secure your Airport Shuttle Service.

Meet and greet at the airport

You will see airport arrivals in the photo to your right. 

If, you can imagine standing on the very edge of the keep clear sticker on the ground pretty much where i was standing while taking the photo is our pre chartered area. This is where myself or a team member will be waiting for you on your return or arrival. 


Book a Ride Airport Signage

This is a great example of our airport signage which we will be holding on your arrival. We usually have these details on our ipad but we sometimes use our standard signs with just our name and logo on it which is about A3 in size. 

If, for some reason processing is really busy and you expect long delays it would be really appreciated if you could send a message to +6421-7433-21 by connecting to the airport wifi or your mobile carrier. 


Airport Travel & Holiday Tours

  • Rotorua, Hobbiton & Waitomo Day Tours
  • Wedding guest transportation
  • Student Travel
  • City functions
  • Gulf Tours
  • Sporting events
  • Fruit picking
  • Destinations: Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton/Waikato & Rotorua
  • Viber: +6421743321
  • Wechat: bookaridenz
  • WhatsApp: +6421743321
  • (Urgent transfers Only) +6421743321
  • Facebook: @bookaridenz
  • Please Note: Online Booking is only for Airport Transfers