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We help customers from all over New Zealand And Across The Globe Directly From Auckland International And Auckland Domestic

Book A Ride Auckland Transport Service

Book a Ride Auckland is a dedicated pickup and drop off Transport service for Auckland International, Auckland Domestic Airport & Auckland Ferry Terminals Helping New Zealand Customers And Our International Travellers Who Are travelling To New Zealand From Overseas get To All The Destinations We Service. 

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Auckland Airport Shuttle Services

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Auckland Shuttle Service

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Book A Ride Auckland FAQs.

Need more answers please call Craig on 021-7433-21 which is 021-RIDE-21

Our pricing for a private airport shuttle is priced at $2.71 per kilometer which is very competitive and some would say the cheapest private shuttle in Auckland . 

We do advise that its best to pre book your shuttle ride but sometimes that can be difficult to plan around rescheduling of flights. We highly recommend calling Craig on 021-7433-21. People say he has a cystal ball and is very good at making things happen. 

Book a Ride can carry upto 11 passengers per shuttle and their luggage.  

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If you are at Auckland International airport Turn left as you leave customs, towards door 11.  Our driver will be waiting for you holding a Book a Ride blue and white sign. If they are not there, do not leave the terminal. Go to the information centre who can call our driver or office on 021-7433-21

Currently because of the pandemic we only offer shared airport shuttles on the Hibiscus Coast.